reaching  Sarah Lawson  2021

The apprehension beneath a cloud is an etching made of acid and memory, the green always goes gray, and then red, weeding the garden of its romance and bringing forth the labour of its keeping. Sometimes we extend ourselves from our heads into this landscape, first into the clouds to be briefly parallel to it, then copying a picture of experience as we can to the best of its imperfections. reaching encounters us along the false sequencing of our language, as the trajectory from onlooker, intermediary, and agent collapse.

Truant of the Stintless Sun  Christina Chalmers   2021

Beyond the diction of any isles off the coast of enchanted mid-century language, basking with crabbed shells acid washed goth; Truant of the Stintless Sun finds its landscape beneath the constant firmament of anarchist traditions whose sun is love; how it relentlessly burns the administration of the senses, beating through a thicket of scabs. One is a fading splinter in its rays. 

Lavender Cats  Tenaya Nasser-Frederick   2020

Moving between alienated conversation and internal dialogue, Lavender Cats textualizes an oblique celebration of passing thought. Composed during the beginning months of the COVID pandemic, this seemingly continuous poem draws on its strangeness as form. Arching away from the spontaneity of language, the poem gathers paranoia, loneliness, and euphoria around it, disclosing to the reader the starting location of a curve, and the anxiety of isolation. 

36 Dreams   Terrence Arjoon   2020

These are dreams, but can only be described as such in the sense that they are decoys, unsettling macroscopic attributes of domestic life. Humorous for moments, followed by a bucolic acceptance that “this” has gone on forever. These dream rooms are filled with contraband and somnambulant visitors. Together, out of time and familiar. The objects, or the ideas of them, combine and recombine like an endless entanglement of nets. The orchestration of city and country and the occasional dream passing through, like the flash of a face in the window, comes to inhabit the poems.